Child Find & Surrogate Parent

Child Find

The Los Angeles County Office of Eduaction (LACOE) is required to locate, identify, and evaluate all children with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools in the school district, youth incarcerated in adult facilities and/or residential/dentention facilities, homeless and migrant children and wards of the state. The process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities is known as Child Find. 

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Surrogate Parent Information

SELPA/LEA Surrogate Parent Guideline Review

What is a Surrogate Parent?

Qualified community members (nonemployees or those with a potential conflict of interest) who will be acting as a student’s representative or “parent” at an individualized educational planning meeting (IEP) when a student does not have a parent, guardian or conservator; or the student’s parent, guardian or conservator cannot be located or is a ward of the court, homeless or in temporary placement situations (i.e. foster or group homes).

The law (CFR Title 34, Sect. 30 & Cal Ed Code) requires the SELPA and the LEA maintains a list of surrogate parents who have the ability to understand and relate to the student’s disability and needs, demonstrate cultural and socio-economic sensitivity, reside a reasonable travel time to and from the school or location of the student.

SELPA/LEA processes:
Step 1:  SELPA/LEA identifies community member through SELPA & LEA Special Education surrogate parent recruitment efforts (website CAC, flyers, brochures, parent organizations, etc.)

Step 2:  Qualified volunteer completes the SELPA/LEA Surrogate Parent Application Form and submits to SELPA Director/LEA Spec Ed Director.

Step 3:  SELPA/LEA Special Education reviews application forms, and responds to applicant through notification of appointment and  submits SELPA forms to governance councils.

Step 4: Surrogate Parent training is provided at SELPA office and content certification form placed on file, proof of TB clearance and fingerprint clearance (as required) is one file at LEA.

Step 5  : SELPA/LEA Director Special Education evaluates surrogate assignment in terms of their parent activities and recommends re-appointment or possible change in surrogate status.

Surrogate Parent Application


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